Having The Foundation Of Your Home Repaired

While the foundation is one of the most dependable and durable parts of your home, it can still suffer damage that will potentially lead to the entire home destabilizing. As a result, any foundation damage will have to be promptly addressed by a homeowner if they are to limit the costs of repairs and ensure the stability of their homes.

Some Soil Types Will Pose A Larger Risk Of Contributing To Foundation Damage

The soil quality can play a major role in determining the likelihood of your home suffering substantial foundation damage. In particular, clay soil can be especially prone to contributing to foundation problems. This soil type can be less capable of supporting the intense weight of a house, and it can become soft and pliable when it becomes wet. These two factors can greatly increase the risks of foundation damage occurring to homes that are built on it. If this is the type of soil where your home is located, you will need to be particularly observant about the risk of this damage occurring so that you can act quickly to repair these problems before they worsen.

It Is Possible To Add Support To The Foundation

When a home's foundation is suffering problems due to a lack of support from the soil, it may be possible to supplement this support. In particular, you may be able to install support rods or columns. These upgrades can provide a more even distribution of the home's weight so the house will be less likely to start to settle unevenly or excessively deep in the ground. In extreme cases, it may even be possible to elevate a foundation that has sunk into the ground before these supports are installed under it. While these can be fairly major repairs to undertake, they will typically not take very long for a contractor to complete. This can be important due to the need to repair the foundation as quickly as possible before secondary damage occurs to the home.

Moisture Problems Can Be Another Source Of Sizable Damage Occurring To This Part Of The Building

Moisture is another common source of foundation damage. As moisture seeps into the foundation, it can cause damage in a couple of different ways. One of the more commonly encountered will be cracks due to the moisture making the concrete more brittle. It is also possible for the moisture to seep deep into the concrete where it can cause any metal rebar to corrode. This can be a serious problem for the foundation as the corroding metal will swell, which can degrade much of the surrounding concrete.

To learn more, contact a foundation repair contractor