Causes Of Chimney Masonry Damage

For homes that have fireplaces, damage to the chimney can be a serious problem to face. Unfortunately, there can be several sources of damage to your chimney that you might need to have repaired.

Moisture Damage

Moisture damage may seem like an unlikely problem for a chimney. However, moss, algae, and other substances that could grow on the exterior of the chimney can lead to moisture getting trapped against it. When this occurs, it can gradually degrade the brick and mortar that was used in the chimney. This could lead to large and deep cracks forming in the chimney. These damages can result in structural problems for the chimney that will need to be repaired. Otherwise, the chimney could be likely to collapse, which could cause major damage to the roof. For this reason, it is advisable to regularly have the exterior of the chimney professionally cleaned so that these accumulations can be removed from it.

Foundation Damage

Foundation problems can be another source of structural damage to the chimney. Issues with the foundation could lead to the home shifting positions. If this occurs, there could be substantially more weight that the chimney will have to support. Once the foundation problems for the home have been repaired, the chimney should undergo a thorough evaluation to determine whether it suffered damage as a result of the home shifting positions. In many cases, the chimney may need to be patched to restore its structural integrity.

Failing To Replace Worn Liners

The interior liner of the chimney will start to suffer extensive wear. This could lead to it degrading and needing to be replaced. When a homeowner is not diligent about replacing their worn chimney liners, they could find that the chimney may suffer structural damages as a result. This can be due to the large amounts of heat that could escape through the cracks and openings that form in the liner as it wears down. Exposure to this heat could severely degrade the masonry used in the chimney. Depending on where the heat is escaping, it could also cause serious damage to the home, and it could potentially allow gases to escape into the home's interior. Fortunately, the costs involved with replacing a chimney's liner will not be as expensive as homeowners assume, and these liners can last for years once they have been installed. This can make it much easier to protect your home and chimney from the damages that a compromised liner could create.

For more information, contact a chimney masonry repair service in your area.