Useful Foundation Drainage Tips For Residential Properties

Regardless of what type of home you have, you want the water drainage around the foundation to be optimal so that damage doesn't happen. Here are just a couple of drainage tips you might consider for your home's foundation.

Don't Let Water Continue Building Up

If you see that water is building up around areas of your foundation, you don't want this issue remaining because that's going to cause the foundation to gradually break down. Then it will be left in a more vulnerable state. A quick response is the best way to protect your home's foundation from major repairs.

You may need to figure out a way to divert water from these areas where water is collecting, which might involve a French drain system being set up in the ground or adjusting the grading around the foundation. Either way, act fast so that you're not paying for expensive foundation repairs.

Get a Recommendation When Choosing a Gutter System

One tactic for improving your home's foundation drainage is adding a gutter system to the roof. Then both your roof and foundation will be protected from water since it will be moved away in a particular direction. Just make sure you get a professional recommendation for this system.

Gutters can vary quite a bit, including the materials and designs they come with. A professional who deals with these gutter systems for a living can show models that will work out perfectly based on the layout of your roof and the quantity of water that collects around your home.

Use a Sump Pump if Water Is Building Up Underneath the Foundation

If you find out that water is building up underneath the foundation, you want to deal with this issue before this part of your home starts having problems. A sump pump is a particular tool that you can use to pump this water away from the bottom part of your foundation.

Just make sure you get a pump that's strong enough to pump effectively and ensure the hose at the end is directed away from your property. This may not fix the water collection issue permanently, but it will keep foundation damage from happening in the meantime.

If you're having problems with water collecting around your home's foundation, respond as quickly as you can with drainage upgrades and renovations. Then you won't be left in a bad spot with foundation damage. 

For more information about foundation drainage, contact a local professional.