Smoke Damage Restoration For Residential Basements

There are several areas of your home that may receive smoke damage. One of the most difficult areas to clean and restore, however, can be the basement. Depending on the ventilation and how the basement is set up, you may have a difficult time handling the restoration and cleanup on your own. This means you need a professional restoration business. Here is what to expect from a restoration business for smoke damage restoration if you've never used this service before. 


The first step in smoke damage restoration is for the company to vacuum the area. This is done with high-powered or industrial strength vacuums that have special filters. The filters are made to catch any small particles of dust or debris while the vacuum handles the rest. This step is done to remove any debris that may contain the smoke smell. The vacuuming is a deep clean step that is done from the walls to the base foundation of the room. Any appliances or furnishings may also be removed during this step. 

Soot Cleaning

Soot can be difficult to remove depending on how many layers and how long it has sat on the surface. The soot cleaning stage is a mixture of different steps and methods designed to remove debris and soot that a vacuum could not handle. There is a dry sponging process as well as a wet sponge process used on walls and surfaces. There is also a deep clean wet cleaning that is done on the floors and around the corners of the basement. A degreaser is also used to remove any residual soot that may be present. 

Repainting and Sealing

The final step of a smoke damage restoration project in a basement will be for the contractor to repaint and reseal the area. This paint usually starts with a basecoat that is made to block odors from returning. It can also block stains the smoke has caused. The paint of your choice is then put over that foundation or primer paint layer. Once this is done the room is then sealed with a special coating over the paint and the floors. At this point, a dehumidifier may be used in the room as a final step to removing odors or smoke-related issues. 

If you would like to know the step-by-step process the restoration company plans on using, make sure to ask for details during your initial discussion. Also, make sure to discuss other options for cleaning and for smoke removal if any are available. Keep in mind that many smoke damage restoration companies can restore not only the room but also furniture and other items that may have received damage from the smoke.