Gutter Cleaning Tips To Use To Clean Your Gutters

Gutters move rainwater and other run-off water from your roof away from your home to prevent water from damaging your home or flooding your crawl space or basement. Your gutters can fill up with debris and end up causing the water to build up in them like a dam, which can then not only cause water to flow over and onto the ground below, or it could cause your roof to rot away from the water that is seeping into the wood sheeting. Your gutters need to be cleaned out a few times per year to prevent this type of damage to your home. Read on for tips you can use when cleaning your gutters yourself.

Clean Your Gutters In The Spring And Fall

You should clean your gutters in the spring and fall months, and at least once in between if you have a lot of trees nearby. Tree buds, sticks, and leaves can all accumulate in your gutters, in addition to other debris that has been pushed into or fallen into your gutters throughout the year. This debris needs to be cleaned out before it turns into mush and forms a wall or dam, stopping the water from being able to get through. Spring and fall months are when your gutters will get dirtiest, which is why you should clean them during these times.

Clean With The Right Tools

Clean your gutters with the right tools for the job. You should use a ladder to get up high enough to see inside the gutters and take a small shovel, garbage bag or bucket, and a garden hose with you. Use the shovel to remove larger objects and dispose of them in your garbage bag or bucket. Then spray the gutter with the garden hose to clean it thoroughly. Spray the downspouts to be sure the water is moving through all the way down the downspouts and away from your home.

Trim Back Trees

Trim back the trees around your home to prevent too much debris from falling into your gutters and causing issues for your gutters and for your home. Limbs that hang too close to your home can be dangerous for your home as well, so you should trim them back to protect your home as well.

If you don't clean your gutters, they could be full of debris right now. Eventually, the full gutters will not only cause water damage concerns, they can also fill up too much that the gutters pull away from your home or could begin to sag. Hire a professional gutter cleaning company to maintain your gutters for you to ensure this chore gets done throughout the year.

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