Reglazing 101: Helpful Tips On How To Reglaze Your Tub Or Shower

Tub reglazing is a great alternative to tub replacement. Unlike tub replacement, tub reglazing is a pretty cost-effective option if you want to keep your old tub and give it new life! Tub reglazing is exactly what it sounds like: it's a resurfacing job for your bathtub or shower. It's way more than just a new coat of paint; it's a full refinished tub without tearing the tub from the floor.

By reglazing your bathtub, you are doing several things. One of the things reglazing will do to your tub is it will make it last longer. When you reglaze your tub, you are basically covering up all the dings and dents in your bathtub. So when a crack appears on the surface of your bathtub, it will not go deep into the surface. The reglazing will keep your bathtub looking new for a long time.

What Is Tub Reglazing? 

Tub reglazing is a fast and affordable way to repair a bathtub, shower, or sink. It's also known as "tub refinishing" and "bathtub refinishing." When you have this service done, specialized technicians will come to your home or business and repair your bathtub.

Preparing for Tub Refinishing

Remove all of the fixtures from the bathtub so you can work on them without worrying about damaging them. Use a scraper to scrape off any caulk around the bottom edge of the tub.

Once everything is removed from the tub, wipe down all surfaces with warm water and mild detergent (no bleach!). This will remove any dirt, soap scum, or other buildup that has accumulated over time. This clean surface is crucial for the new finish to be applied to your tub. If there are any stains left behind after cleaning with water and detergent, try using an etching product on those areas before proceeding.

Why Should You Reglaze Your Tub?

When it comes to refinishing your tub, there are a few reasons why you might want to consider this option.

The first reason is that refinished tubs look like new again. If your tub has started looking dull and worn over time, then this will restore it to its former glory. 

Another reason to consider refinishing your tub is that it's less expensive than replacing it. Using this method instead of getting rid of your old bathtub and buying something new will cost a lot less.

Finally, refinished baths help keep things eco-friendly by recycling old materials and avoiding having to purchase new ones altogether. This is helpful if you're looking for ways to reduce your impact on the environment in a simple way that doesn't require much effort on your part at all!

The Cost of Bathtub Refinishing 

The cost of bathtub refinishing varies by project and the type of tub that is refinished.

A full bathtub refinishing is more expensive than a partial bathtub refinishing, which only requires the refinishing of specific areas of the tub.

The cost of bathtub refinishing also depends on whether it's done in-house or by a professional contractor. If you're doing it yourself, you'll need to purchase supplies and tools for the job, which can add to the total cost.

You can save money by reglazing your bathtub or shower instead of replacing it. Contact a tub refinishing service to discuss the different options you might want to do for your tub. 

For more information on bathtub refinishing, contact a local contractor.