Comparing The Various Types Of Gutter Materials

Are your gutters old and out of shape and you now need to replace them? If so, it will help to know the differences between the various types of materials out there that can be used for gutters.


You'll often see copper gutters on older homes where they fit the aesthetic. They have a high-end look and are seamless, but you still need a home where it looks like copper gutters are appropriate for it. The material itself is extremely durable, and it is not going to corrode or rust from being exposed to the weather. The copper does go through a natural aging process where you lose that warm shiny look that you have when they are brand-new. 

While copper gutters can be left alone, some people prefer to maintain them over the years to keep them looking as good as possible. This will require scrubbing the surface with a soft bristle brush and a warm soap and water solution. 

Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel gutters are a seamless material that is going to last a very long time on your home because the material is not going to rust or corrode. They have a gunmetal look to them, which is very neutral and blends in with any home. The material itself doesn't need to be painted or polished, which makes them a great choice with minimal maintenance.


The gutters that you find at your local hardware store are typically made out of vinyl. They come in short sections so that you can easily fit them in your vehicle, which means they will have a lot of seams when they are installed. This can result in water leaks in those places where the pieces join together, which is not good.


Aluminum gutters can also be installed as a seamless gutter, but they can also be purchased in small sections. If you are insisting on doing the job yourself, consider the upgrade to aluminum gutters for the added benefits. That said, aluminum is still one of the most cost-effective solutions for seamless gutters and still a great choice.

Aluminum is going to be incredibly durable, and the gutters do require hangers to them in their proper shape once they are on your own. These hangers are put on at the time the gutters are made so that they hold their shape. 

For more information about gutter installation, contact a local professional.