Undercarriage Parts You Need To Keep Your Heavy Equipment Running Smoothly

If you use heavy machines, the undercarriage is the most important part of the equipment. Heavy equipment is expensive, and the operation of your machine is necessary for almost every job. You want to reduce the downtime for maintenance and maximize the uptime. However, if you neglect proper care of your piece of equipment, you will be spending a lot more money and time on repairs. There are several components of heavy machinery that wear out over time and become damaged or just plain worn out. Poor care can lead to premature failure. Below are some of the most important parts of your heavy equipment undercarriage and how to take care of them:

Chain Links

Chain links are an important part of the undercarriage, as they connect the driveshafts to the axle. They may also connect the driveshaft to the differential, depending on your vehicle design. Chain links are made of strong steel material and are very durable.

The tensioner is a device that keeps tension on the chain link. The tensioner consists of a mechanism that allows you to adjust how much slack is in the chain link, allowing you to control how much movement there is in your undercarriage parts.

If you have heavy equipment with an undercarriage that has slack in it, this can cause problems with the proper alignment and operation of your machine. The amount of slack in your undercarriage parts can be adjusted by turning a screw or nut on the tensioner mechanism.

Bottom rollers are the most important part of the undercarriage system. They support the weight of the front end of your equipment and provide traction for your tires. From time to time, bottom rollers need to be replaced because they wear out or become damaged. If you notice that your machine drifts to one side when you drive it, then it may be time for a new set of bottom rollers.

Track Rollers

Track rollers are also known as idler wheels, and they help guide the track around curves and corners. Track rollers can also get worn down over time and need to be replaced if they become damaged or broken. You will know when it's time for new track rollers if they become warped or bent out of shape from heavy use or abuse over time.

Front Idlers

Idlers keep the track from rotating around the axle. They have a rubber tire that sits on a steel plate, which allows them to adjust for wear and tear. The idler helps keep the tracks in alignment with each other and prevents them from wearing unevenly. Front idlers are not adjustable, but they do need to be replaced when they wear out.

Rear Idlers

Rear idlers are also called track rollers or side rollers. These pieces of heavy equipment help maintain traction by keeping the track rolling smoothly over the ground as the machine travels forward. One end of these pieces of equipment rests on top of an axle, while the other end rests on a spring-loaded sprocket that hooks up to the drive shaft of your track system. This piece of equipment also requires replacement when it wears out or breaks down due to age or abuse.

The undercarriage of your heavy equipment is important. Take care of it! Contact an undercarriage parts service to learn more.