3 Reasons Why Your Refrigerated Truck’s Bulkheads Aren’t Working

Bulkhead systems create different temperature zones in refrigerated trucks. These systems control airflow by creating internal sections. So, you can set your internal temperature at different levels to meet the needs of various products.

If one or more of your bulkheads fail, then you lose this sectional temperature control. An area that should be cooled might be too hot; an area that might not need to be cooled might be close to freezing.

These temperature fluctuations can damage loads. So, you need to work out why your bulkheads aren't working. Read on to learn more about why these systems fail.

1. Blockages

While it makes sense to load as many products as you can on your deliveries, you have to leave some space around your bulkheads. If you block a bulkhead, then it can't do its job.

For example, the airflow in your truck won't create the right sectional temperatures if you block off a bulkhead's vents. You restrict air passages. So, some parts of your truck will be too cold while others will be too warm.

If blocking is your problem, then changing the way you organize loads will help. Your bulkheads should start working again.

2. Seal Problems

Bulkhead seals help insulate each barrier. Seals prevent excess air from passing through the bulkhead in either direction. They keep each section at the right temperature.

If a seal fails, then the bulkhead can't hold air. Warm or cool air might leak into the wrong sections.

So, if your system doesn't seem to be working, check each seal. Look for breaks, cracks, or signs of damage and wear. If you can see gaps between a seal and its surface, then it isn't up to the job.

3. Damage

Good-quality bulkheads can bend without breaking if they have an impact. For example, if a load comes loose and crashes into a bulkhead, the barrier should flex and then hold firm.

However, in some cases, bulkheads can get damaged. Older barriers might develop cracks or holes. Parts might come loose and fall off.

If a bulkhead has some damage, then it loses its structural integrity. It won't have the correct levels of air control. You might have short-cycling circulation problems where the air in the truck moves through the space too fast. This affects your truck's ability to keep things cool.

If you have a bulkhead problem, contact a refrigerated truck repair service like DFW Reefer Repair.