Six Things You Shouldn’t Assume About Antique Chandeliers

Antique chandeliers are beautiful home décor features. You shouldn't be discouraged from getting an antique chandelier for your home because of misinformation. The following are six things you shouldn't assume about antique chandeliers

You will have trouble cleaning an antique chandelier.

Regularly cleaning an antique chandelier is essential for maintaining its condition and appearance. Some people think that chandeliers are impossible to clean because of how fragile and intricately designed they are. 

The truth is that antique chandeliers aren't generally difficult to clean as long as you have the right equipment such as chamois cloth or a soft duster. 

Antique chandeliers only look right in large homes.

An antique chandelier can be a great accessory for homes of all sizes. Chandeliers themselves come in a variety of sizes. If you have a smaller home, you shouldn't think that any antique chandelier you find will be too large for the size of the interiors in your home. 

Antique chandeliers are too fragile and easily become broken.

While you do need to take care of a chandelier to make sure that it won't become broken, antique chandeliers might be a lot sturdier and more resistant to damage than you expect.

You need to take care to avoid damage to your chandelier while it is being delivered to your home. However, once your chandelier is installed it is unlikely to experience damage. 

It won't look right in any room other than your foyer or dining room.

Some people think that antique chandeliers aren't meant to go anywhere else in a home other than over the dining room table or on the ceiling of the foyer. Antique chandeliers can actually look great in any room of a home. They can look just as great in a dining room as they can in a bedroom or hallway. 

It won't look right in a home with a more modern décor scheme.

Don't assume that you can't combine modern and classic décor accessories. Antique chandeliers can look great even in homes with modern décor. In fact, combining modern and classic décor in your home can make your interior design highly dynamic and unique. 

An antique chandelier will be out of your price range.

Shop around before you decide that chandeliers are too expensive. You might find antique chandeliers available at prices that are much more affordable than you expected. The price of antique chandeliers can vary widely so some chandeliers are available even for those who are on a fairly limited home décor budget.