Reglazing 101: Helpful Tips On How To Reglaze Your Tub Or Shower

Tub reglazing is a great alternative to tub replacement. Unlike tub replacement, tub reglazing is a pretty cost-effective option if you want to keep your old tub and give it new life! Tub reglazing is exactly what it sounds like: it's a resurfacing job for your bathtub or shower. It's way more than just a new coat of paint; it's a full refinished tub without tearing the tub from the floor. Read More 

Smoke Damage Restoration For Residential Basements

There are several areas of your home that may receive smoke damage. One of the most difficult areas to clean and restore, however, can be the basement. Depending on the ventilation and how the basement is set up, you may have a difficult time handling the restoration and cleanup on your own. This means you need a professional restoration business. Here is what to expect from a restoration business for smoke damage restoration if you've never used this service before. Read More 

4 Reasons To Leave Water Damage Restoration Tasks To The Professionals

Floods create a dangerous situation since floodwater can cause property damage and various health problems. Sadly, some of the damages caused by this water are not easy to identify immediately and seek restoration services.  So, it is prudent to hire experts every time you experience water damage in your home. The specialists have the experience and knowledge to identify all issues caused by floodwater and come up with the best solution. Read More 

Useful Foundation Drainage Tips For Residential Properties

Regardless of what type of home you have, you want the water drainage around the foundation to be optimal so that damage doesn't happen. Here are just a couple of drainage tips you might consider for your home's foundation. Don't Let Water Continue Building Up If you see that water is building up around areas of your foundation, you don't want this issue remaining because that's going to cause the foundation to gradually break down. Read More 

3 Steps You Can’t Overlook When Reglazing Your Tub

The bathroom is one of the hardest working rooms in your home. Bathrooms see significant use on a daily basis, which means that the appliances and fixtures in your bathroom will likely start showing signs of wear faster than others in your home. If your bathtub is chipped, faded, or looking a little dull, you may want to consider reglazing it. The reglazing process can restore the beauty of your tub while sparing you the cost of purchasing a new tub for your bathroom. Read More